Watts (FMHC-40-0.35) Flow-Max Jumbo Hurricane 0.35 Micron Mesh Synthetic Filter


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Flow-Max FMHC-40-0.35 Synthetic Filter Media Jumbo Filter Cartridge Flow-Max jumbo cartridges are pleated for increased filter area, high flow and low pressure drop. Our engineered filter media is highly efficient to provide superior filtration. All micron ratings utilize 100% synthetic filter media, so there are no adhesives or binders to foam or contaminate. FMHC-40-035 – Pleated cartridges are pleated and have more surface area. Therefore, they filter longer and fewer replacement cartridges are needed. Pleated cartridges have lower pressure drop, compared to “depth” cartridges. Therefore, smaller filter housings are required for the same flow rate, so filter housing costs are reduced. 100% cellulose free synthetic media for increased dirt holding capacity, longer life and reduced filter costs. No additives or binders. Specifications: Filter Type: Pleated Membrane Capacity: N/A Actual Filter Size: 7-3/4″ x 9-5/8″ Micron Rating: 0.35 Micron Filter Improves / Removes: Sediment / Particles NSF Certified: No Manufacturer / Brand: Flow-Max

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