Samsung DA97-08406A Door Bin Assembly Guard

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Attention, kitchen superheroes, get ready to meet the guardian of organization—the Samsung DA97-08406A Door Bin Assembly Guard. This nifty little sidekick is here to keep your fridge in tip-top shape and ensure your food items stay perfectly in place.

Picture this: you open your refrigerator door, and there it is—the Door Bin Assembly Guard, ready to take on the chaos of your fridge. With its sleek design and sturdy construction, it’s like a bouncer at an exclusive club, ensuring that each food item has its designated spot and stays put throughout the wildest fridge adventures.

But wait, there’s more! This isn’t your average door bin—it’s a true hero with a knack for order. With its multiple compartments and adjustable shelves, it creates a harmonious environment where milk jugs peacefully coexist with condiments and snacks. Say goodbye to toppling yogurt containers and runaway juice boxes because this guard has got your back.

Installing the Samsung DA97-08406A Door Bin Assembly Guard is a breeze, even for those who are more comfortable wielding a spatula than a screwdriver. Just follow the simple instructions, and voila! Your fridge will transform into an organized oasis, where everything has its rightful place.

So why settle for fridge chaos when you can have the Samsung DA97-08406A Door Bin Assembly Guard as your trusty ally? With its organizational prowess and durable construction, it’s the key to fridge serenity and food harmony. Bid farewell to the days of searching for misplaced items and embrace the power of order with the Samsung Door Bin Assembly Guard. Get ready to experience a fridge that’s not only functional but also a stylish sanctuary for your delicious delights!


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Part Number: DA97-08406A
  • Pack Size: 1