LG 4738ER1004B Washer Hose, Bellow

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Well, well, well – look what we have here, the LG 4738ER1004B Washer Hose with Bellow. The thing you never thought you’d need until your washer started leaking water all over your laundry room floor. But hey, let’s not cry over spilled water, right? Not when we have this little miracle hose ready to take on the challenge.

This isn’t just any ordinary hose, oh no! This is a hose with a bellow. A bellow, you ask? Yes, a bellow! Think of it as a fancy accordion that helps prevent kinks and tangles in the hose. That means no more pesky leaks, no more water all over the floor, and no more soggy socks. (Thank goodness for small mercies, am I right?)

Not only is this LG 4738ER1004B Washer Hose with Bellow practical and functional, but it’s also easy to install. No need to call the handyman or spend hours deciphering complicated instructions. Just attach it to your washer and let the bellow work its magic. And if you’re feeling extra handy, you can even install it yourself! (Just don’t blame us if things go awry.)

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let a leaky hose ruin your laundry day. Upgrade to the LG 4738ER1004B Washer Hose with Bellow and enjoy a leak-free laundry room. Your socks (and your floors) will thank you for it!


  • Brand: LG
  • Part Number: 4738ER1004B
  • Pack Size: 1