Yamaha TT-R125 (2011 – 2017) Manual

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Written from hands-on experience gained from the complete strip-down and rebuild of a Yamaha TT-R125, this can help you understand, care for and repair your Yamaha TT-R125. We do it ourselves to help you do-it-yourself, and whatever your mechanical ability, the practical step-by-step explanations, linked to over 900 photos, will help you get the job done right. Regular servicing and maintenance of your Yamaha TT-R125 can help maintain its resale value, save you money, and make it safer to ride.

What’s covered:

Yamaha TT-R50, 2006-2009
Yamaha TT-R50, 2012-2017
Yamaha TT-R110, 2008-2009
Yamaha TT-R110, 2011-2017
Yamaha TT-R125, 2004-2009
Yamaha TT-R125, 2011-2017


Table of contents

Quick Reference Data
Chapter 1: General Information
Chapter 2: Troubleshooting
Chapter 3: Lubrication, Maintenance & Adjustment
Chapter 4: Part A: Engine, Clutch & Transmission (50 & 110 Models)
Chapter 4: Part B: Engine, Clutch & Transmission (125 Models)
Chapter 5: Fuel System
Chapter 6: Electrical System
Chapter 7: Wheels, Tires & Drivetrain
Chapter 8: Front Suspension & Steering
Chapter 9: Rear Suspension
Chapter 10: Brakes
Chapter 11: Body
Color Wiring Diagrams

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