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Category: Craftsman

Tool Chest Drawer Slide 1005111

This drawer slide (part number 1005111) is for tool chests. Drawer slide 1005111 supports the drawer as it slides in and out. Follow the instructions

Miter Saw Motor Brush 0QFF

This motor brush (part number 0QFF) is for miter saws. Motor brush 0QFF transfers electric current to the spinning armature in the motor. Unplug the

Air Compressor Air Filter ABP-2081100

This air filter (part number ABP-2081100) is for air compressors. Air filter ABP-2081100 cleans the air entering the air compressor. Disconnect the power and bleed

Drill/Driver Shell Assembly 2823978000

This shell assembly (part number 2823978000) is for drill/drivers. Shell assembly 2823978000 houses the switch and drive components, and forms the outer body of the