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Briggs & Stratton 592830 Alternator

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as of 02/29/2020 12:16 AM


  • Genuine OEM Briggs & Stratton Part; Replaces 696458, 691064, 393295
  • Fits Briggs & Stratton engines: 445777-0231-E1, 351447-1077-E1, 422447-4059-01, 21A977-0115-E1, 21A977-0165-E1, 21A977-0165-E9, 21A977-0189-E1, 21A977-0197-E1, 21B902-0015-E1, 21B902-0015-G1, 21B902-0022-B1, 21B902-0022-E1, 21B902-0022-E9, 21B906-0020-B1, 21B906-0020-B9, 21B906-0020-E1, 21B906-0020-E9, 21B906-0121-E1, 21B906-0192-B1, 21B906-0192-E1, 21B907-0026-E1, 21B907-0026-G1, 21B907-0028-B1, 21B907-0028-B9, 21B907-0028-E1, 21B907-0028-E9, 21B907-0029-B1, 21B907-0029-E1, 21B907-0029-G1,
  • 21B907-0131-E1, 21B907-0132-E1, 21B907-0137-B1, 21B907-0137-E1, 21B907-0139-B1, 21B907-0139-E1, 21B907-0140-B1, 21B907-0140-E1, 21B907-0153-G1, 21B907-0154-B1, 21B907-0159-B1, 21B907-0164-B1, 21B907-0203-G1, 21B972-0016-E1, 21B972-0016-G1, 21B972-0116-E1, 21B972-0117-B1, 21B972-0117-E1, 21B972-0142-B1, 21B972-0142-E1, 21B976-0114-E1, 21B976-0194-B1, 21B976-0194-E1, 21B976-0202-G1, 21B976-4194-B1, 21B977-0036-B1, 21B977-0036-E1, 21B977-0036-G1, 21B977-0038-B1, 21B977-0038-E1, 21B977-0038-E9,
  • 21B977-0110-B1, 21B977-0110-E1, 21B977-0119-E1, 21B977-0120-B1, 21B977-0120-E1, 21B977-0123-E1, 21B977-0124-E1, 21B977-0126-B1, 21B977-0126-E1, 21B977-0127-B1, 21B977-0127-E1, 21B977-0129-B1, 21B977-0129-E1, 21B977-0130-E1, 21B977-0136-B1, 21B977-0136-E1, 21B977-0138-E1, 21B977-0141-B1, 21B977-0141-E1, 21B977-0146-B1, 21B977-0147-B1, 21B977-0149-B1, 21B977-0152-B1, 21B977-0152-B9, 21B977-0155-B1, 21B977-0156-B1, 21B977-0157-B1, 21B977-0160-B1, 21B977-0161-B1, 21B977-0162-B1, 21B977-0163-B1,
  • 21B977-0163-E1, 21B977-0167-B1, 21B977-0168-B1, 21B977-0183-B1

Alternator 592830 is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that fits some Briggs & Stratton engines in 380000, 400000 and 440000-series, which power Craftsman, Toro, MTD, Cub Cadet, John Deere, Lawn Boy and Simplicity riding mowers. Alternator 592830 attaches under the flywheel and produces voltage for the charging the battery. This alternator includes the wire harness, 4 mounting screws and 4 washers. Replaces original Briggs & Stratton alternator parts 696458, 691064 and 393295.

Briggs & Stratton owns Simplicity, Snapper, and Murray brands.

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in stock
in stock
as of 02/29/2020 12:16 AM